The Golden TRUTH

Posted: June 18, 2016 in Life

Your ability to GROW is directly proportional to your ability to be HONEST WITH YOURSELF. Therefore, it is imperative that we overcome these learned psychological defense mechanisms that prevent us from seeing the actual TRUTH.

Before The Big Bang; Before The Universe Existed:

The only way the universe is possible is if it’s infinite. It TRULY takes an INFINITE amount of time to go from NOTHING to THIS. If the universe weren’t infinite in it’s possibilities, the statistical probability that matter, life, consciousness, and intelligence could exist is at all, is absolute ZERO. Only in a universe where ALL IS POSSIBLE can complex matter, of any degree, exist. Fundamental particles can not even exist without a very long list of otherwise impossible requisites in place. Without the physical forces of the universe, nothing can occur, and the fact that physical forces exist at all, let alone in the perfect values required for matter, elements, life, and consciousness, is downright IMPOSSIBLE without an INFINITE amount of time.

THIS universe, with these specific quantified values of the physical forces and all of it’s wondrous activity, is 14 billion years old; before this universe, there were others. AN INFINITE number of others, which were nothing at all like this universe. We will talk more about THIS version of the universe later. The ORIGIN of THIS universe is simple and quite easily explained; This universe began as a singularity point which “exploded” in to the ever expanding universe we observe today, and we call this event “The Big Bang”. But where did this “singularity” come from? What came BEFORE the Big Bang. This is a question that science and spiritualists have not been able to answer.

What was the initial value of the universe?

Proto-universe; PRE-UNIVERSE

The PROTO-UNIVERSE has always existed and always had a value of INFINITE potentiality;

Time, as defined by a sequence of change; even in a universe with no physics, there is still a causal sequence of events.

The FIRST version of the Proto-Universe began as an infinite POTENTIALITY, or we should say, infinite POTENTIALITY always existed; this is hard to comprehend, a world where NOTHING is possible yet simultaneously, EVERYTHING is possible.

When did the Proto_Universe transition from POTENTIAL to ACTUAL? It observed itself.

In an infinite space time continuum(forwards and backwards), there was no time, all times existed simultaneously and yet never at all. You can say that this moment was infinitely long, a “unified” ball of time/energy/potential forces that realized itself and yet hadn’t realized itself for an almost infinite amount of time, until a potential and random fluctuation in that UNIFIED non-entity resulted in the first emergent property and the basic building block of the universe; consciousness. At this point, the Proto-Universe becomes a UNIVERSE.

Over an almost infinite amount of time (which is just another moment in an ongoing infinite universe), consciousness caused this primordial UNIFIED “point” (known in science as a “singularity”; this was the FIRST SINGULARITY) to “explode”, CAUSING THE FIRST ” BIG BANG”, OF AN ALMOST INFINITE NUMBER OF BIG BANGS. This “event” wasn’t much of a “big” bang, like the one that created our present universe, it was kind of like a rubber band–it started to expand, and then “SNAPPED BACK” having no effective quantification of any definite physical forces yet. This first big bang was chaotic and short lived, as this version of the universe does not yet contain any INFORMATION. So, unsurprisingly, this first version of the universe failed shortly after it’s “explosion”, as a result of unstable physical forces (which would eventually become the fundamental forces of the universe responsible for all subsequent activity).

This first event however was a LEARNING EXPERIENCE for this conscious universe; lasting only a brief nano-second, then violently rushing forward again explosively only to be “smashed” back in to a single unified “point”. Learning from non-local memory, it is now capable of basic informational processes, and thus, the FIRST functional universe finally emerges out of an infinite past of sloppy non-functional universes. The first functional universes emerged after an almost infinite number of oscillations. This early version of the universe was not yet “complete”, but gradually becoming more COMPLEX.

The physical forces of the universe are “formed” and begin to be “calculated”. Using non-local “memory” and basic learning processes of systems, the universe is able to start CALCULATING. Over an almost infinite amount of time, the universe starts to adjust the values of the physical forces of the universe; gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces.

The universe SELF-REPRODUCES via the act of “oscillation”, expanding and collapsing over and over again for an almost infinite amount of time-UNTIL it learns how to make a stable universe! A stable universe that will INEVITABLY give rise to life, consciousness, and intelligence. This is an act of self-replication, a form of copying itself with future modifications. An Asexual universe that “copies” itself via memory, rendering each new version of itself(the universe) different with new “upgrades”. (variations in the values of the physical forces)

This process of expanding and collapsing is known in science as the oscillating universe theory. The universe has expanded and collapsed an almost infinite number of times, with EACH NEW UNIVERSE BEING SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT from the last. This is HOW the universe LEARNED to create a stable universe; After an almost infinite amount of time later, after it finally LEARNED how to control QUALIFY AND QUANTIFY the physical forces of the universe.  Not long after the universe learned how to create a stable universe, elementary particles formed, and then the elements, and then the stars, and the galaxies, and the planets.

This universe is infinitely intelligent, the product of an infinite past and a complete and total knowledge of itself and all of it’s glorious activity. THIS is the universe in which all of the almost impossible can happen, as a result of a grand unified force of physics; matter, protons, electrons, elements, compounds, life, consciousness and intelligence are not only possible, they are inevitable, in this version of our universe; this highly evolved grand super organism. And so you ask yourself, why does the universe need consciousness, why does it need us? The answer is, the universe needs conscious observers! You do have a purpose (function) after all! More to come on that next time, for now, I’m signing off!

Planet Earth is an alien EXPERIMENT!
As earthlings, what do you think we would seek to do in our home galaxy, (The milky way) when our species and our society has reached a certain level of scientific and technological sophistication?  We would try to “seed” other uninhabited planets with LIFE, knowing the secret of genetics and genetic engineering.  It would be our most logical next “experiment”, traveling to other planets, allowing new forms of life and intelligence to emerge. 
Then, we would sit back, and without them knowing, observe them for millions of years, watching them grow and change like children.  They would be sure NOT to reveal their existence to us, until they have determined that we have reached a level of “maturity” to be able to handle such knowledge.  If you think this is far-fetched, try to comprehend THIS:  Human beings are YOUNG, we are still BABIES, having only been a technologically advanced society(relative to us) for around 50 years?  We’ve only had electricity for a few hundred!  IMAGINE where WE WILL BE in another 100 years from now! How about 200 years!  HOW ABOUT 2,000 years? 10,000 years!?  20,000 years?!  Mathematically speaking, there could be tons of intergalactic civilizations that have existed for BILLIONS OF YEARS THEMSELVES!  Heck, even our planet is a BABY, being only 4.5 billion years old and the universe itself is 14 billion years old.  What about planets that formed LONG BEFORE EARTH, LONG BEFORE OUR SOLAR SYSTEM, EVEN BEFORE OUR GALAXY. 
In all likelihood, this is the truth of our human existence, and once day, in the very distant future, a time and space beyond our current recognition, we will truly understand our place and purpose in this vast and incredible, awesome, glorious universe.
Research findings
…continues work of DNA Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Francis Crick

Collaborative research from a gathering of exo-scientists postulate that there are genes from over 20 extraterrestrials civilizations in Human DNA. These exo-scientists have continued the work of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Frances Crick, and other scholars in this area. Current findings are consistent with reports of Professor Sam Chang, who discreetly released information on his own apparent findings, in association with the Human Genome Project.

How I judge a HUMAN

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Life

When I was younger, I used to judge people based on how they LOOK. Then, I stopped judging people based on their looks, and started judging others based on their INTELLIGENCE. Soon later, I stopped basing my opinion of others on their looks and intelligence, and started basing it on how SUCCESSFUL they were as individuals in business. Eventually realizing that none of these things matter at all in life without LOVE and PEACE of mind, I now base my opinion of other people solely on the content of their CHARACTER and the intentions in their heart. A good person is measured not by how they look or how they perform, but rather, HOW THEY LIVE..


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Let’s talk about REGRET. There are two aspects of regret; regretting that which you DID, and regretting that which you did NOT do. Many people have a big fear of regret, I’ve even heard some say “my only fear in life is having REGRET”. Well, let me teach you how to ELIMINATE REGRET from your life entirely, forever. All you must do is REALIZE that all of the GOOD THINGS in your life would not be as they are either if you altered even the tiniest piece of your past. One door closes and another one opens. Every BAD situation gives BIRTH to a potentially GOOD situation. In some twisted way, all of the BAD THINGS that have happened to me, as a result of my own decisions, have lead me to where I am TODAY, and I am very happy. Not becase I have no struggles or shortcomings, but because I realize that in some very special way, my life IS perfect, and so is yours! If ANYTHING in your life were at all different at some point in the past, if you had made a different decision, you would not be who you are today, or have the GOOD THINGS in life that you do now. So yes, changing the past would get rid of the BAD, but it would also get rid of the GOOD. Have no regrets, for happiness is not a destination, it is a JOURNEY.

So ponder this: At the precise moment that we are BORN, the brain releases a powerful hallucinogenic chemical known as DMT(dimethyltryptamine). This same chemical is released EVERY NIGHT when we sleep and it is what causes us to DREAM. We dream every night, whether we remember it or not. Here comes the freaky part; DMT, as it turns out, is also released at the very moment that you DIE. So logically, it would make sense to assume that you enter a DREAM state at the very moment of death. Dream states are timeless and have infinite potential variation. Is it possible that HEAVEN AND HELL are simply DREAM STATES that occur post-mortem? The “afterlife” is simply one long, never-ending, continuous DREAM? Is the CONTENT of that dream determined by HOW WE LIVED OUR LIVES? If we live a GOOD and moral life, perhaps we can dream in death peacefully. If we live a BAD and immoral life, we will dream in death unpeacefully, burderned by feelings of remorse, guilt, fear, and regret. I wonder..

If it actually makes you feel GOOD to make someone else feel BAD, then you are an awful person and it’s only because you are so unhappy with yourself that you derive pleasure from seeing others suffer. Happy people want to spread joy and happiness while miserable people seek to spread angst and misery..

How People Treat YOU

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People will treat you based on their assumption of what you can do for THEM. Funny how the people who used to root against me are now the very same people who ride my shit and kiss my ass everyday, now that I appear successful. If you didn’t respect ME when I was coming up then I won’t respect YOU now..


Posted: May 3, 2013 in Life

It’s extremely sad to say, but most people do not know how to THINK FOR THEMSELVES. Perhaps it is culture or maybe it’s just human nature; If enough people believe in a lie then it becomes accepted as the TRUTH. If enough people support a political agenda, it becomes accepted as RIGHTEOUS. If enough people act evil, it becomes accepted as GOOD, and then we are doomed to live our lives wrongfully and dishonestly. Stand up, speak out, and be a leader in a world that has been pacified, brainwashed, and dominated by fear and ignorance!

If you change the way you THINK about something, you can change the way that you FEEL about it. Perception is in the mind of the beholder. 😉