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Before The Big Bang; Before The Universe Existed:

The only way the universe is possible is if it’s infinite. It TRULY takes an INFINITE amount of time to go from NOTHING to THIS. If the universe weren’t infinite in it’s possibilities, the statistical probability that matter, life, consciousness, and intelligence could exist is at all, is absolute ZERO. Only in a universe where ALL IS POSSIBLE can complex matter, of any degree, exist. Fundamental particles can not even exist without a very long list of otherwise impossible requisites in place. Without the physical forces of the universe, nothing can occur, and the fact that physical forces exist at all, let alone in the perfect values required for matter, elements, life, and consciousness, is downright IMPOSSIBLE without an INFINITE amount of time.

THIS universe, with these specific quantified values of the physical forces and all of it’s wondrous activity, is 14 billion years old; before this universe, there were others. AN INFINITE number of others, which were nothing at all like this universe. We will talk more about THIS version of the universe later. The ORIGIN of THIS universe is simple and quite easily explained; This universe began as a singularity point which “exploded” in to the ever expanding universe we observe today, and we call this event “The Big Bang”. But where did this “singularity” come from? What came BEFORE the Big Bang. This is a question that science and spiritualists have not been able to answer.

What was the initial value of the universe?

Proto-universe; PRE-UNIVERSE

The PROTO-UNIVERSE has always existed and always had a value of INFINITE potentiality;

Time, as defined by a sequence of change; even in a universe with no physics, there is still a causal sequence of events.

The FIRST version of the Proto-Universe began as an infinite POTENTIALITY, or we should say, infinite POTENTIALITY always existed; this is hard to comprehend, a world where NOTHING is possible yet simultaneously, EVERYTHING is possible.

When did the Proto_Universe transition from POTENTIAL to ACTUAL? It observed itself.

In an infinite space time continuum(forwards and backwards), there was no time, all times existed simultaneously and yet never at all. You can say that this moment was infinitely long, a “unified” ball of time/energy/potential forces that realized itself and yet hadn’t realized itself for an almost infinite amount of time, until a potential and random fluctuation in that UNIFIED non-entity resulted in the first emergent property and the basic building block of the universe; consciousness. At this point, the Proto-Universe becomes a UNIVERSE.

Over an almost infinite amount of time (which is just another moment in an ongoing infinite universe), consciousness caused this primordial UNIFIED “point” (known in science as a “singularity”; this was the FIRST SINGULARITY) to “explode”, CAUSING THE FIRST ” BIG BANG”, OF AN ALMOST INFINITE NUMBER OF BIG BANGS. This “event” wasn’t much of a “big” bang, like the one that created our present universe, it was kind of like a rubber band–it started to expand, and then “SNAPPED BACK” having no effective quantification of any definite physical forces yet. This first big bang was chaotic and short lived, as this version of the universe does not yet contain any INFORMATION. So, unsurprisingly, this first version of the universe failed shortly after it’s “explosion”, as a result of unstable physical forces (which would eventually become the fundamental forces of the universe responsible for all subsequent activity).

This first event however was a LEARNING EXPERIENCE for this conscious universe; lasting only a brief nano-second, then violently rushing forward again explosively only to be “smashed” back in to a single unified “point”. Learning from non-local memory, it is now capable of basic informational processes, and thus, the FIRST functional universe finally emerges out of an infinite past of sloppy non-functional universes. The first functional universes emerged after an almost infinite number of oscillations. This early version of the universe was not yet “complete”, but gradually becoming more COMPLEX.

The physical forces of the universe are “formed” and begin to be “calculated”. Using non-local “memory” and basic learning processes of systems, the universe is able to start CALCULATING. Over an almost infinite amount of time, the universe starts to adjust the values of the physical forces of the universe; gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces.

The universe SELF-REPRODUCES via the act of “oscillation”, expanding and collapsing over and over again for an almost infinite amount of time-UNTIL it learns how to make a stable universe! A stable universe that will INEVITABLY give rise to life, consciousness, and intelligence. This is an act of self-replication, a form of copying itself with future modifications. An Asexual universe that “copies” itself via memory, rendering each new version of itself(the universe) different with new “upgrades”. (variations in the values of the physical forces)

This process of expanding and collapsing is known in science as the oscillating universe theory. The universe has expanded and collapsed an almost infinite number of times, with EACH NEW UNIVERSE BEING SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT from the last. This is HOW the universe LEARNED to create a stable universe; After an almost infinite amount of time later, after it finally LEARNED how to control QUALIFY AND QUANTIFY the physical forces of the universe.  Not long after the universe learned how to create a stable universe, elementary particles formed, and then the elements, and then the stars, and the galaxies, and the planets.

This universe is infinitely intelligent, the product of an infinite past and a complete and total knowledge of itself and all of it’s glorious activity. THIS is the universe in which all of the almost impossible can happen, as a result of a grand unified force of physics; matter, protons, electrons, elements, compounds, life, consciousness and intelligence are not only possible, they are inevitable, in this version of our universe; this highly evolved grand super organism. And so you ask yourself, why does the universe need consciousness, why does it need us? The answer is, the universe needs conscious observers! You do have a purpose (function) after all! More to come on that next time, for now, I’m signing off!

Imagine that humans were not mammals, but rather, reptiles; Instead of having skin, we would have scales, and instead of giving birth, we would lay eggs. Sounds crazy? Well, that’s exactly what almost happened, and would have happened, if the Dinosaurs never MYSTERIOUSLY and ABRUPTLY died out and became extinct. The Dinosaurs actually dominated the earth for over 180 MILLION years, beginning 245 million years ago in what was known as the Mesozoic Era, often referred to as “The Age of Reptiles”. Most people DON’T know however, that there were THREE different mass extinctions that took place–not just ONE! Scientists still have not proven how each of these mass extinctions took place. One theory, at least for the last and final extinction, is that a meteorite hit the earth, but the fossil record indicates that all the dinosaurs had died BEFORE the meteorite hit. So in the end, it is only by some crazy stroke of chance that dinosaurs, which had existed and dominated the planet for so long– and would have continued to do so, were killed off by not one, but three separate devastating mass extinctions, paving the way for the age of mammals. It is interesting to note that during the last periods of the Mesozoic era (JURASSIC and CRETACEOUS), many advanced reptilian species began to emerge, including the “Trodon”, which has the largest brain-to-body ration of all known dinosaurs; believed to be as intelligent as modern birds. In all liklihood, we should have been related to the Raptor and not the Chimpanzee. Heck, if Dinosaurs were still alive, their would be NO PRIMATES, which means no humans..Just a highly advanced and intelligent reptilian species..or something else entirely..

Evolution of life has occurred here on planet Earth, that is an incontrovertible scientific fact. The fossil record does not lie. However, the MECHANISM of action–meaning, HOW evolution took place, has not been adequately explained. Natural Selection is true, and plays a large role in the evolution of life, but it certainly isn’t the whole picture. It would take an absolute leap of FAITH for me to believe that something as HEINOUSLY complex and intricately functioning as the BRAIN arose simply from random mutations and the subtle pressures of natural selection. As a true scientist and philosopher, I don’t make leaps of faith, but rather, I believe in the EVIDENCE, and simply can not accept that Natural Selection is the SOLE cause for ALL of the magnificent and incredible diversity and variation of life here on Earth. Information theory prohibits such a misplaced and unreasonable belief.

Information, as a law, must always come from an intelligent source such as a computer or a brain. Each and every one of the TRILLIONS of cells in our bodies has been programmed with brilliant mathematical instructions encoded in our DNA. The BRAIN, and all of life on earth, have been intricately and precisely developed, as the most powerful and brilliant TECHNOLOGY of our natural universe. WE as human beings are literally, as heinously complex carbon-based life forms, highly advanced organic TECHNOLOGICAL beings that have even created our OWN technologies, much in our own images. Perhaps our purpose is to continue to PRODUCE, to develop ever more complex technologies that eventually enable us to unlock the full potential of our own DNA(genetic information technology). All of life on earth is highly advanced organic technology, based on the brilliant mathematics of DNA. From the smallest bacterium to the largest fish in the sea, all of life has been progammed by an unmistakably intelligent source, far superior to that of human beings. It is plainly obvious that LIFE, as a complex form of natural organic technology, could not arise simply from random mutations. It is just not possible, and as I scientist, I just can’t believe that. As intelligent as humans are as a species, we can not create a living organism. What about Fibonacci numbers and the number Phi? Why do they appear over and over again in nature? Even in the deep space of the COSMOS, galaxies and intergalatcic structures take on the same geometrical forms that they do here on earth. There must be other forces at work here..

Any way you cut the cake we are back to square 1. Even if natural selection was solely responsible for evolution of life on earth, HOW IS THE PROCESS OF EVOLUTION EVEN POSSIBLE!? The LAWS OF PHYSICS! And how are the laws of physics so precisely tuned for life and intelligence?? Listen–LIFE and INTELLIGENCE are not just possible..they are INEVITABLE! In THIS UNIVERSE, with these SPECIFIC LAWS OF PHYSICS and FORCES of the Universe (Electromagnetism, Gravity, Strong and Weak Nuclear), given enough time, LIFE AND INTELLIGENCE WILL ALWAYS EMERGE! THE UINVERSE IS INTELLIGENT and LEARNED how to create OBSERVERS–which is why it needs us in the first place; in order to collapse the WAVE FUNCTION! (Creating reality)

DOGMATISM exists even among the scientific community, something that I can now see as I have grown older, smarter, and wiser. I will be offering my hypothesis for how life and it’s astounding diversity and variation arose here on earth, using the new sciences of Systems Theory, Chaos and Complexity, Emergent Properties, Quantum Consciousness, Cynamics, and Sacred Geometrical Mathematics.

“Anyone who becomes seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that there is a spirit manifest in the laws of of the Universe, a spirit vastly superior to that of man.” -Albert Einstein

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”-”The FOUNDER of Quantum Physics, Max Planck: