If you enjoy hurting other people..

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Life

If it actually makes you feel GOOD to make someone else feel BAD, then you are an awful person and it’s only because you are so unhappy with yourself that you derive pleasure from seeing others suffer. Happy people want to spread joy and happiness while miserable people seek to spread angst and misery..

  1. oregon111 says:

    some people, especially corporate managers, get a high out of harming others — it is not because they are ‘bad’ or abused, but because their brains give them pleasure when others are hurt and they caused it

    the best way to defend yourself is to recognize that situation when they do it to someone else — then you know that you need to guard yourself

    one of the best ways to attack those kind of people is to start rumors about them — and of course, the most powerful and damaging rumors are the ones that are true

    just let the good people know who the bad person is — and they lose power — they only have power when they fool everybody

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