How I judge a HUMAN

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Life

When I was younger, I used to judge people based on how they LOOK. Then, I stopped judging people based on their looks, and started judging others based on their INTELLIGENCE. Soon later, I stopped basing my opinion of others on their looks and intelligence, and started basing it on how SUCCESSFUL they were as individuals in business. Eventually realizing that none of these things matter at all in life without LOVE and PEACE of mind, I now base my opinion of other people solely on the content of their CHARACTER and the intentions in their heart. A good person is measured not by how they look or how they perform, but rather, HOW THEY LIVE..

  1. Susan says:

    I agree and I ALSO found a mentality to “pit” these qualities AGAINST each other as if we HAVE to choose:)!!?? can have them all or one or a few.. but I found far too many people pitting them against each other.. like something tells them they CANT have all or two etc…I think we are supposed to have them all.. I think where we got lost was the ORDER in which we have them/receive them… example is people with good looks but a bad heart…..character coming first then all the rest acquired may be nice:) to earn our dna even (there are religions that say this, they try not to be too open on it, causes fights)

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