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Planet Earth is an alien EXPERIMENT!
As earthlings, what do you think we would seek to do in our home galaxy, (The milky way) when our species and our society has reached a certain level of scientific and technological sophistication?  We would try to “seed” other uninhabited planets with LIFE, knowing the secret of genetics and genetic engineering.  It would be our most logical next “experiment”, traveling to other planets, allowing new forms of life and intelligence to emerge. 
Then, we would sit back, and without them knowing, observe them for millions of years, watching them grow and change like children.  They would be sure NOT to reveal their existence to us, until they have determined that we have reached a level of “maturity” to be able to handle such knowledge.  If you think this is far-fetched, try to comprehend THIS:  Human beings are YOUNG, we are still BABIES, having only been a technologically advanced society(relative to us) for around 50 years?  We’ve only had electricity for a few hundred!  IMAGINE where WE WILL BE in another 100 years from now! How about 200 years!  HOW ABOUT 2,000 years? 10,000 years!?  20,000 years?!  Mathematically speaking, there could be tons of intergalactic civilizations that have existed for BILLIONS OF YEARS THEMSELVES!  Heck, even our planet is a BABY, being only 4.5 billion years old and the universe itself is 14 billion years old.  What about planets that formed LONG BEFORE EARTH, LONG BEFORE OUR SOLAR SYSTEM, EVEN BEFORE OUR GALAXY. 
In all likelihood, this is the truth of our human existence, and once day, in the very distant future, a time and space beyond our current recognition, we will truly understand our place and purpose in this vast and incredible, awesome, glorious universe.
Research findings
…continues work of DNA Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Francis Crick

Collaborative research from a gathering of exo-scientists postulate that there are genes from over 20 extraterrestrials civilizations in Human DNA. These exo-scientists have continued the work of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Frances Crick, and other scholars in this area. Current findings are consistent with reports of Professor Sam Chang, who discreetly released information on his own apparent findings, in association with the Human Genome Project.
  1. silvernblacksabbath says:

    The global elite know what’s going on I believe…

  2. alden says:

    EXCELLENT truth.

  3. alden says:

    This IS the most intelligent & believable writing that I have ever come across in my life. Thank you for sharing MY belief.

    • Dagmar says:

      I have searched for people sharing the same suspicion. I study biology and i suddenly thought to myself that maybe we’re just carriers of DNA. We just have to preserve these incredibly complex codes, and carry them. It makes alot of sense to suspect that earth is an experiment. How life works is way too complex, and in all systems in lifeform’s body’s there are thousands of well organised systems that are way too genius, to just arrise by evolution. Maybe DNA is an experimental LifeCode. Aliens might have other systems for living. Interesting…

      • Susan says:

        some religious ancient texts explain a “daughter of “promise” and her “accidental death” and her RESTORAL which is a task… she is “life”/chai..and many wanted part of her dna feeling if they carried it they would survive also…so your comment just resonated with me on that…”life is in the blood”is a verse… as well as “turning children BACK to their “fathers” and fathers BACK to their children…denotes they were turned away…”is this he who “shook” the “nations” (tribes tongues nationalities.races) he “scattered” among nations…..
        what of our 80% “junk” dna? it passes on no encoding.. yet has a “language” scientists say is “yeast like” (along for the ride? attached? parasiting?) “he applied wisdom to the beast,so that it can “talk speak”
        daughter zion never gave birth yet has more kids says your God
        no encoding
        same as father
        miracle births do they have dna from two parents? or are they just always “talking” and we all hear it.. ?
        whose blood was shed in Hebrews 7..says he has NO FATHER NO MOTHER NO GENEAOLOGY AND NO DESCENT
        no beginning no end
        quite different …
        “they keep listening to an east wind talking” says God in a verse in which he is angry about it.

    • Susan says:

      i’m excited by this prospect and learning.

  4. […] It maybe be a guess, but what if everything is planned and we living a Truman show, an experiment. […]

  5. Susan says:

    “it will be said in your ears,you will hear it yet in your hearing “this place is too small for us,enlarge it”
    daughter zion will hear this and she never gave birth
    are these “worms”?
    many verses elude to worms ,they do talk and speak… it says and do not die…. in fire.. worms live off of a dead body it says…
    “I am a worm and not a man”
    “fear not you worm Jacob, the lord is with you..he creates a threshing instrument with teeth” (parasites need to be eaten to survive)
    parasites do not breed or give birth they pass from body to body
    “allah does not beget nor is begotten”
    he sends signals

  6. Susan says:

    parasites give host/animal body new sets of info and uses/wears body as an avatar………
    “she ate fruit.. her eyes were opened”
    she gained a new set of info
    it may make her breed….but the info is sent differently (serpent is head
    “the children born will be strangers to them”
    “woe to you and “to your children” breeders) when they shall begin to say “blessed is she who never gave birth”
    paps who never gave suck….
    an unwanted child is in Ezekiel 16 an abortion (not a miscarriage,says hated! and thrown out and not cut cord etc properly.. not washed not cared for)
    he said to it “LIVE!”
    and she always does forever
    he talks to her for thousands of years after that
    “I put my scepter into your hands but you forgot me!” he says to her
    the ramifications of causing an abortion to live is #1 her own parents don’t know she still lives
    #2 she might tell them
    #3 they might claim/use also “live” as she does
    #4….. she is told to shake them off and she is captive
    #5 who tells an abortion its unwanted! and even has sex with it.. when it cant breed?
    Ezekiel 16

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