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So ponder this: At the precise moment that we are BORN, the brain releases a powerful hallucinogenic chemical known as DMT(dimethyltryptamine). This same chemical is released EVERY NIGHT when we sleep and it is what causes us to DREAM. We dream every night, whether we remember it or not. Here comes the freaky part; DMT, as it turns out, is also released at the very moment that you DIE. So logically, it would make sense to assume that you enter a DREAM state at the very moment of death. Dream states are timeless and have infinite potential variation. Is it possible that HEAVEN AND HELL are simply DREAM STATES that occur post-mortem? The “afterlife” is simply one long, never-ending, continuous DREAM? Is the CONTENT of that dream determined by HOW WE LIVED OUR LIVES? If we live a GOOD and moral life, perhaps we can dream in death peacefully. If we live a BAD and immoral life, we will dream in death unpeacefully, burderned by feelings of remorse, guilt, fear, and regret. I wonder..

When I was younger, I used to judge people based on how they LOOK. Then, I stopped judging people based on their looks, and started judging others based on their INTELLIGENCE. Soon later, I stopped basing my opinion of others on their looks and intelligence, and started basing it on how SUCCESSFUL they were as individuals in business. Eventually realizing that none of these things matter at all in life without LOVE and PEACE of mind, I now base my opinion of other people solely on the content of their CHARACTER and the intentions in their heart. A good person is measured not by how they look or how they perform, but rather, HOW THEY LIVE..

FAILURE is a requisite for SUCCESS! A man who has failed many times has learned many lessons! Every failure indeed leaves a shadow, which serve as stepping stones on your road to success. Lincoln ran for every office and FAILED, until finally running for president and SUCCEEDING. Michael Jordan didn’t make the varsity basketball team. Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. JK Rowling was rejected by 12 different publishers before she was finally able publish her now famous “Harry Potter” book series. I can go on and on, from Walt Disney to Henry Ford, and Albert Einstein to Steven Spielberg; they all failed tremendously and repeatedly before finally achieving success. In fact, my entire life has been one massively complex interlaced system of failures, all of which have come together at a single POINT that is my present state of being. It is how we RESPOND to failure that defines us as individuals and determines our fate. A man who has not become accustomed to failure will certainly never enjoy the fruits of success. Where on EARTH would I be without all of my failures? Not the man that I am today..

Ever since I made the commitment to be as LOVING as possible to EVERYONE in life, amazing things have happened to me. Having love and compassion for others, including your enemies and those who have wronged you, will bring you the deepest level of personal satisfaction. It will bring you ever closer to your true self and a true state of joy and happiness.

Allow me to explain the difference between SELF-ESTEEM and EGO; Your self-esteem is based on how you think and feel about yourself as a person, while your ego is based on how you want OTHER PEOPLE to think and feel about you as a person. Changing your exterior–your physical APPEARANCE, will do absolutely nothing to change who you are internally, as a person. So if you think that having bigger
muscles or bigger breasts will make you feel better about yourself, you are wrong, for those things are not extensions of the SELF. They are just physical attributes and do not at all define who you are. They are not YOU. They will only serve to feed your ego, which is just a way to compensate for not truly feeling good about WHO YOU ARE.