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Imagine that humans were not mammals, but rather, reptiles; Instead of having skin, we would have scales, and instead of giving birth, we would lay eggs. Sounds crazy? Well, that’s exactly what almost happened, and would have happened, if the Dinosaurs never MYSTERIOUSLY and ABRUPTLY died out and became extinct. The Dinosaurs actually dominated the earth for over 180 MILLION years, beginning 245 million years ago in what was known as the Mesozoic Era, often referred to as “The Age of Reptiles”. Most people DON’T know however, that there were THREE different mass extinctions that took place–not just ONE! Scientists still have not proven how each of these mass extinctions took place. One theory, at least for the last and final extinction, is that a meteorite hit the earth, but the fossil record indicates that all the dinosaurs had died BEFORE the meteorite hit. So in the end, it is only by some crazy stroke of chance that dinosaurs, which had existed and dominated the planet for so long– and would have continued to do so, were killed off by not one, but three separate devastating mass extinctions, paving the way for the age of mammals. It is interesting to note that during the last periods of the Mesozoic era (JURASSIC and CRETACEOUS), many advanced reptilian species began to emerge, including the “Trodon”, which has the largest brain-to-body ration of all known dinosaurs; believed to be as intelligent as modern birds. In all liklihood, we should have been related to the Raptor and not the Chimpanzee. Heck, if Dinosaurs were still alive, their would be NO PRIMATES, which means no humans..Just a highly advanced and intelligent reptilian species..or something else entirely..