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Everyone is born and everyone will die. All that matters are the precious MOMENTS in between, so make them count. Don’t get caught up in DOING, just allow yourself to BE. Spend your time wisely, doing the things that you love and being with the people who you love. We can never get yesterday back. The purpose of life is not to achieve success, it is to BE HAPPY. Without joy and peace, nothing else matters. All of the success in the world doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have happiness.

How To Make Happiness Eternal

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Life

If you base your HAPPINESS on your PHYSICAL APPEARANCE, then your happiness can be taken away from you. If you base your happiness on how much MONEY you have, then your happiness can be taken away from you. If you base your happiness on who LIKES you and who doesn’t, then your happines can be taken away from you. If you base your happiness on HOW YOU TREAT OTHER PEOPLE and the GOOD DEEDS that you do in this life, then your happiness is yours FOREVER, and NOTHING can ever take it from you! 🙂


Posted: May 3, 2013 in Life

Everyone lies to themselves to some extent, and oftentimes, we don’t even know it. We simply conceal the truth from ourselves by rationalizing, denying, and complex self-manipulation, because accepting the truth would too radically change how we PERCEIVE ourselves. Perhaps accepting the truth will make you feel insecure, inferior, or somehow cause you to doubt your competence or morality. So you see, all that matters to each of us at the end of the day, is how we perceive ourselves. The quality of this relationship that we have with ourselves is completely dependent on how we think and feel about ourselves as people. Do we see ourselves as inferior or superior? Since there is no other person that we spend more time with than ourselves, this is the single most important relationship that we can have, and our total happiness is therefore most closely dependent on quality of the relationship that you have with yourself. If you don’t thoroughly like yourself, you’re going to be very unhappy in life. If you can learn to love and accept yourself for who you are, you will have a great relationship with yourself, and are much more likely to live a very happy and fulfilling life. It all starts with BEING HONEST WITH YOURSELF. You can not have a good relationship with yourself, or any relationship for that matter, if you can’t be honest with yourself. Lying to yourself may temporarily alleviate negative feelings, but in the long run, you will only continue to live an unhappy life, chasing happiness that has been right in front of you the entire time…

Obtaining Your Desires

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Life

Before you can experience LOVE, you must first find a partner and develop a relationship. Before you can have FAME, you must first accomplish something noteworthy. Before you can acquire great wealth, you must first create a business opportunity that yields a significant income. So you see, things like LOVE, FAME, and WEALTH are ideals, and before we can obtain them, we must first set specific GOALS and ACCOMPLISH them. Think not about that which you DESIRE, but rather, think about what specific CHARACTERISTICS that you’ll need to develop and cultivate in order to achieve or obtain those things that you desire. Will you need great PATIENCE? Perhaps you’ll need great RESTRAINT. Develop these qualities so that you may achieve your goals. Hoping is a waste of time and emotion, that which you desire is obtainable only through ACTION. Master yourself and achieve all that you desire.

It doesn’t matter who you WERE then, it matters who you ARE now. As Malcolm X said; “To have once been a criminal is no disgrace. To REMAIN a criminal is the disgrace”. Do not be ashamed of your past if you have taken corrective action to become a better person and do not be embarassed of who you were if you have truly changed how you think, feel, and act, for that old person is no longer even YOU. The only way that your past will continue to haunt you is if you have not learned from your mistakes, in which case, you are doomed to relive them..

So ponder this: At the precise moment that we are BORN, the brain releases a powerful hallucinogenic chemical known as DMT(dimethyltryptamine). This same chemical is released EVERY NIGHT when we sleep and it is what causes us to DREAM. We dream every night, whether we remember it or not. Here comes the freaky part; DMT, as it turns out, is also released at the very moment that you DIE. So logically, it would make sense to assume that you enter a DREAM state at the very moment of death. Dream states are timeless and have infinite potential variation. Is it possible that HEAVEN AND HELL are simply DREAM STATES that occur post-mortem? The “afterlife” is simply one long, never-ending, continuous DREAM? Is the CONTENT of that dream determined by HOW WE LIVED OUR LIVES? If we live a GOOD and moral life, perhaps we can dream in death peacefully. If we live a BAD and immoral life, we will dream in death unpeacefully, burderned by feelings of remorse, guilt, fear, and regret. I wonder..

Let’s talk about REGRET. There are two aspects of regret; regretting that which you DID, and regretting that which you did NOT do. Many people have a big fear of regret, I’ve even heard some say “my only fear in life is having REGRET”. Well, let me teach you how to ELIMINATE REGRET from your life entirely, forever. All you must do is REALIZE that all of the GOOD THINGS in your life would not be as they are either if you altered even the tiniest piece of your past. One door closes and another one opens. Every BAD situation gives BIRTH to a potentially GOOD situation. In some twisted way, all of the BAD THINGS that have happened to me, as a result of my own decisions, have lead me to where I am TODAY, and I am very happy. Not becase I have no struggles or shortcomings, but because I realize that in some very special way, my life IS perfect, and so is yours! If ANYTHING in your life were at all different at some point in the past, if you had made a different decision, you would not be who you are today, or have the GOOD THINGS in life that you do now. So yes, changing the past would get rid of the BAD, but it would also get rid of the GOOD. Have no regrets, for happiness is not a destination, it is a JOURNEY.

When I was younger, I used to judge people based on how they LOOK. Then, I stopped judging people based on their looks, and started judging others based on their INTELLIGENCE. Soon later, I stopped basing my opinion of others on their looks and intelligence, and started basing it on how SUCCESSFUL they were as individuals in business. Eventually realizing that none of these things matter at all in life without LOVE and PEACE of mind, I now base my opinion of other people solely on the content of their CHARACTER and the intentions in their heart. A good person is measured not by how they look or how they perform, but rather, HOW THEY LIVE..

FAILURE is a requisite for SUCCESS! A man who has failed many times has learned many lessons! Every failure indeed leaves a shadow, which serve as stepping stones on your road to success. Lincoln ran for every office and FAILED, until finally running for president and SUCCEEDING. Michael Jordan didn’t make the varsity basketball team. Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. JK Rowling was rejected by 12 different publishers before she was finally able publish her now famous “Harry Potter” book series. I can go on and on, from Walt Disney to Henry Ford, and Albert Einstein to Steven Spielberg; they all failed tremendously and repeatedly before finally achieving success. In fact, my entire life has been one massively complex interlaced system of failures, all of which have come together at a single POINT that is my present state of being. It is how we RESPOND to failure that defines us as individuals and determines our fate. A man who has not become accustomed to failure will certainly never enjoy the fruits of success. Where on EARTH would I be without all of my failures? Not the man that I am today..

Ever since I made the commitment to be as LOVING as possible to EVERYONE in life, amazing things have happened to me. Having love and compassion for others, including your enemies and those who have wronged you, will bring you the deepest level of personal satisfaction. It will bring you ever closer to your true self and a true state of joy and happiness.