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So ponder this: At the precise moment that we are BORN, the brain releases a powerful hallucinogenic chemical known as DMT(dimethyltryptamine). This same chemical is released EVERY NIGHT when we sleep and it is what causes us to DREAM. We dream every night, whether we remember it or not. Here comes the freaky part; DMT, as it turns out, is also released at the very moment that you DIE. So logically, it would make sense to assume that you enter a DREAM state at the very moment of death. Dream states are timeless and have infinite potential variation. Is it possible that HEAVEN AND HELL are simply DREAM STATES that occur post-mortem? The “afterlife” is simply one long, never-ending, continuous DREAM? Is the CONTENT of that dream determined by HOW WE LIVED OUR LIVES? If we live a GOOD and moral life, perhaps we can dream in death peacefully. If we live a BAD and immoral life, we will dream in death unpeacefully, burderned by feelings of remorse, guilt, fear, and regret. I wonder..

  1. gpicone says:

    interesting thought but how will our brain work after we are dead?

    • rosserstling says:

      A dream, which in PHYSICAL reality may last only a few minutes, can be PERCEIVED by the dreamer as an INFINITE AMOUNT OF TIME. DMT is released AT THE MOMENT OF DEATH; perhaps the actual dream lasts less than a few seconds, but that’s all that is necessary. Additionally, BRAIN DEATH is not the same as DEATH..

  2. rosserstling says:

    NO, they are not the same, medically or scientifically. Furthermore, as I mentioned above, it doesn’t matter either way; it could be NANO seconds, heck, on a quantum scale, there is no time..

  3. John C. Rimmer says:

    I have a problem with your theory.
    Assuming that a dream is entirely driven by the brain,
    In order to dream we need a functioning brain – at the time of death, this chemical is released and our brain still remains functional to some limited extent before its cells are complete destroyed and rendered useless, that after life NDE that can be perceived as lasting forever might actually be physically happening in seconds……but once the brain dies everything fades to black.
    after which it’s game over ! you cannot continue dreaming if your brain is dead, so there goes your theory of death is a long never ending dream !

    The only way this theory of yours would be true is if our dreams were actually not dreams but simply our soul traveling across the multiverse…….. reality is what our brain is made to perceive, all that we experience in life is some chemical reaction / hormone in our brains, consciousness, dreams, love, hate etc……when we fucking die – our brain dies…….therefore we cannot perceive anymore reality or have anymore dreams, see, hear, touch, etc, since it’s all destroyed at moment of death.

    We stop “existing” and all that we know goes along with it….

    but you’ll never know you died, since you are no longer conscious……you’ll just stop existing……and your new “existence” will be instantly coming out of a female’s vagina and going through the same life process again.

    Life itself might be an illusion, everything we perceive as existing is actually a result of brain activity, and the way we are hard wired.

    Of course there are many theories to explore,

    we could be a ball of energy inside a physical body, and the brain is actually a way for our body to interface with the energy world and perceive existence….. When we die we lose this “connection” interface and return to our native state we were before we were born.

    Other theories, we die in this universe, we are reborn and go through the same life but with different outcomes……..each life we go through a different outcome………So for instance you might have been successful in this life, but in the next one you fail


    multiverse theory – we can only be conscious about 1 plane at a time……when we die our connection severs, so we will instantly be conscious in a state inside a never ending multiverse,
    so we will constantly live, never know we died, and the process of death is just flipping off one switch but we still exist in parallel and infinitely.

    then there is the theory that what you learn in a life can be transferred to another life……maybe that could explain why some people are born with amazing gifts / talents and exploit them very young.

    • rosserstling says:

      A nanosecond is enough time to produce the illusion (and experience) of infinite. You don’t need a live brain, understand?

    • Whitey says:

      I hold to the exact same belief, have experienced the effect of dream time vs. real time first hand when I was 11 yrs old and it shook me to the foundation of my existence. I was made to pass out by an intentional lack of oxygen (stupid and dangerous, yes, but boys will be boys) and I had a dream which seemed to last a significant amount of time. The dream was itself made little sense and included Tony the Tiger but I was totally astonished, upon asking how long I was out, to be told a mere second or two, from standing to being laid upon the ground then coming to. I immediately thought that if I could dream a 20 min experience in a couple secs that it would be possible to live an eternity in the same couple secs – it didn’t make sense that there would be a determinable ratio of dream time to real time. I am now 40 yrs old and yet I have never forgotten the experience, in fact it had only reinforced my belief that one man’s heaven would be another man’s hell, in order to truly be in ‘heaven’ it must be personal and of one’s own design.

  4. Whitey says:

    Furthermore, this existence is all about the gathering of knowledge and experience which will be the building blocks with which one will construct one’s ‘heaven’. Travel, learn, read, watch movies, meet as many people as possible, do good, make friends, be in love, help others, be kind, etc and one will find oneself in a heaven of ones own design with infinite possibilities, after all, one could never dream of something one never saw. Do evil, hate, cruelty, murder, cheat, steal etc and those qualities of this existence will find their way to one’s never ending dream or afterlife.

  5. Alex Parson says:

    I have conversations about this all the time. If this idea is true, the dream will end eventually, but it would be like that unawreness we have in between falling asleep and dreaming. Where the last thing remember is darkness and sound affects in our room, and like a light switch we go straight into dream. So, if you have a good dream in your death, your last memory will be that good dream, and then when the dream is done and the brain has died, it will end without your conscious awareness. Now here’s something to ponder, if this idea is true, being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other memory reduction diseases is a VERY bad thing to have when it comes to your last dream before you die. No memories mean’s no happy after life with your friends and family.

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