Eliminating REGRET With A Simple Thought!

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Life

Let’s talk about REGRET. There are two aspects of regret; regretting that which you DID, and regretting that which you did NOT do. Many people have a big fear of regret, I’ve even heard some say “my only fear in life is having REGRET”. Well, let me teach you how to ELIMINATE REGRET from your life entirely, forever. All you must do is REALIZE that all of the GOOD THINGS in your life would not be as they are either if you altered even the tiniest piece of your past. One door closes and another one opens. Every BAD situation gives BIRTH to a potentially GOOD situation. In some twisted way, all of the BAD THINGS that have happened to me, as a result of my own decisions, have lead me to where I am TODAY, and I am very happy. Not becase I have no struggles or shortcomings, but because I realize that in some very special way, my life IS perfect, and so is yours! If ANYTHING in your life were at all different at some point in the past, if you had made a different decision, you would not be who you are today, or have the GOOD THINGS in life that you do now. So yes, changing the past would get rid of the BAD, but it would also get rid of the GOOD. Have no regrets, for happiness is not a destination, it is a JOURNEY.

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