Posted: August 28, 2011 in Fitness & health

 Always start your workout with HEAVY COMPOUND MOVEMENTS!  These types of exercises allow you to utilize greater poundages which will cause greater hypertrophy(growth!). Be sure to stay in the lower rep ranges, FAILING at around 6-9 reps! (Example: Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Squats, Rows, Dips).
For example, you should NEVER be starting your SHOULDER workout with working sets of lateral raises(a very light warm-up is ok).  You should be starting off with HEAVY BARBELL SHOULDER PRESSES, which allow your muscles to utilize much more weight!  Think about it…how many lbs can you lateral raise? 20lbs, 30lbs, maybe even 40lbs?  Ok, well how much can you PRESS?!  The answer will always be, “SIGNIFICANTLY MORE!”.  By utilizing these movements in the beginning of your workout when you are at your STRONGEST, will enable you to use your GREATEST POUNDAGES, which equals GREATEST GROWTH stimulus!   Only these types of exercises with these types of poundages will stimulate WHITE MUSCLE FIBERS, which are responsible primarily for the actual volume of the muscle. I go from Overhead Barbell Press, to a standing or seated DB Press, in to a machine or smith press, and THEN finally proceed in to lateral raises(front, side, rear).
Same thing for a muscle like CHEST.  Start off with HEAVY BARBELL BENCH and then  go directly in to  another compound movement for chest(I usually do Flat DB Presses immediately after BB Bench Press), and then another(usually an incline).  Then, after you’ve bombarded your chest with extremely heavy pounages, set after set, you can now proceed to ISOLATE the muscle with a movement like chest flies or the Pec-Deck.
Want BIG MUSCLES? LIFT BIG WEIGHTS! Stop wasting your time utilizing INEFFECTIVE EXERCISES and start employing HEAVY COMPOUND MOVEMENTS instead! Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Dips, Barbell Curls, Rows, Squats and Leg Presses! Don’t even THINK about isolating the muscle until you perform these first!
  1. jonny says:

    dikke poes

  2. omalone1 says:

    lift big weights. you sure about that, i thought u said that form was priority

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